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Week 4 – April 30 – Doodles

This is our fourth week in a series of six weeks.  What a fun night.  Tonight we started  painting our 3D paper mache letters.  While these were drying we started a project on canvas by drawing several overlapping curved lines.  Inside these lines we doodled different things in different boxes.  Next week we will add color.  We also completed a melted crayon piece,  catching up a few students who missed last week while away on a field trip to Ottawa.  I will try to include pictures before next weeks class.  So much fun, such creative students.


Week 3 – April 23, 2013 Crayon Art

Crayon Art

This week we worked with warm and cool colors.  Students chose three warm or cool colors of crayons and started melting them onto a canvas.  Once the crayons started to melt the blow dryer would move them around blending them with the adjacent colors.  Straws were also used to push the colors around.  We found some colors moved easier than others, and though a bit frustrating for some, the finished products were beautiful!

Week 2 – April, 2013 – Acrylic Birch Trees

We started class by putting another layer of paper mache onto our 3D letters.  Next project, birch trees in acrylic.  I had painted these trees in an adult class and thought these kids can do this too!  Selecting the color of their choice they painted the background color.  Next we added the background with a bit of white and painted our birch trees.  My only request for the composition was to paint an uneven number of trees and to overlap at least one.   Next we added black to our back ground color and with some cut up credit cards, added our shadow on the right side of the tree.  With white, we added the light on the left side of the tree, then went back in, using the credit cards, to add more bark markings.  I was delighted with the outcome and so were they!

Week 1 – April 9, 2013 – 3D Letters

Our first week of after school classes!  I’m not sure who is more excited, me or the kids.  Our project for today is creating 3-D letters using the first initial of each student.  I printed out the block letters for each of them and they began cutting and tracing onto cardboard.  Step by step we built the letters gluing cut toilet roll tubes in between two cut letters.  Then for the fun, paper mache.  We were able to finish one coat today.  The students were very proud of their efforts and so was I! This will be an ongoing project throughout the six weeks.

3D Letters

3D Letters

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