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Watercolor Week 2

We started by drawing leaves on our backgrounds created last class.  More color was added, painting around at least three leaves.  This was left to dry until next week.

Our project for this week is to do a positive and negative painting of an animal silhouette.  Students drew their animals on two pieces of watercolor paper, then chose  two or three colors side by side on the color wheel.  On the first painting, water is painted on the animal only and the colors dropped in, moving them around slightly with the brush or tilting the paper.  On the second painting, the background is painted with water and the two colors dropped in.  Watching the colors move by tilting the paper or moving with a brush is exciting to watch.  No two paintings are ever the same!


Watercolors May 16 – June 13, 2013

During this five week class we will explore several watercolor techniques while creating a few finished projects.  One ongoing project will be the leaf project.  The first week we will do a wet in wet technique to create our background and also use salt which will provide more texture.  Each week we will be adding more color, adding more depth to the finished product.

Here is a sample of the first landscape picture created by using one color of the students choice and adding layers, increasing value of the color for each layer.  value change

Week 6 Finishing projects

Our final week we completed our doodle pictures and painted the 3D letters.  Some were painted a solid color and others added some techniques we learned by adding sponging and doodles.  The finished products were fabulous!

Week 5 – Doodles and Color

This week the students finished up their doodles and started to add colors of their choice. They are really starting to look great.  Next week….finishing up the doodle pieces and adding any embellishments to our 3 D letters.

The next session of classes will be watercolors.  Looking forward to new and returning students!

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