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Watercolor Week 4


This week we added our final background to our leaf project and looked at a couple ways to add veins to our leaves.  Next week we will do any final touch ups to finish them.

This week we started a tree project.  Students were asked to draw a large tree trunk with several branches extending from the trunk and off the page, overlapping the branches.  The tree branches and trunk are left white and the counter spaces are colored in again using the wet in wet technique.  Next week is our final week to finish up.

Watercolors Week 3

We started with our leaf project, adding more pigment leaving more leaves untouched, deepening our background colors. The leaves are starting to pop off the paper!  Again the painting are left to dry until next week.

This week we created another landscape using different textures in each layer.  We did a wet in wet for the sun, lifting out of clouds in the sky, saran on the mountains, sponging in the fields,  lifting out light in the water with a dry brush, salt in another area and added netting for our foreground.  The paintings were covered with a magazine to hold down the saran and netting.  Next week we will lift off and look at the finished product. They turned out great!

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