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Summer Camp Day 5

Our last day found the students finishing projects for our art show at the end of the day.   Sunflower paintings were completed, cookies painted and we found time for a nature walk to choose grasses and flowers for our last project, a nature print. In the afternoon we set up our art show displaying the fabulous work the students completed this week.  It has been a busy week filled with art, fun, laughs, treats and some GREAT finished projects,  An awesome week with a great group of kids!


Summer Camp Day 4

We had a busy day baking cookies to “paint” tomorrow.  We painted small and large rocks,  including monsters, turtles, houses and pumpkins.  Then onto painting paper mache and clay projects. Our final projects for the day were creating stepping stones and we started an O’Keefe inspired  sunflower painting.


Summer Camp Day 3

Today another layer was added to the paper mache projects then onto clay.  We started with pinch pots, then pressed in garden greenery.  After discussing the importance of scoring and wetting any areas needing attaching to the pieces, the students created their own projects.  We discovered through the process, items too thin broke and if pieces were not scored enough and attached with water the fell off.  We managed to  save a few pieces with white glue!  A trip to the garden for samples to press into our clay produced some beautiful results.  In the afternoon, we went outside and sketched trees.  Using our sketches, Wassily Kadinsky inspired trees were created using chalk pastels.


Summer Camp Day 2

Today we started with paper mache. We made two different batches experimenting which might be the best.  Both seemed to work equally as well. After lunch we made rice krispie square ‘paint brushes’ coated in colored chocolate “paint”.  Fun to make and eat! In the afternoon we created out crayon art by gluing crayons to a mat board and melting them with a heat gun creating some interesting patterns.  The highlight of our day was outside with explosion art.  Using empty film canisters, paint and alka seltzer, the canisters exploded on the canvas and flew 30 feet into the air.  Several canisters were refilled and we watched in anticipation of the explosion!


Summer Camp Day 1

We started the day creating journals and adding a scratch art piece to the cover. Drawings were created using straight and curved lines.   From a gestural drawing students created art pieces from wire .  We explored color by drawing and coloring an OP ART color wheel.   We finished the day with a Mondrian inspired mini painting on an easel.  Lots of great work happening by these young artists.!

Watercolor Week 5

leaf print


Watercolor is the most difficult medium and these young artists have done extremely well creating some beautiful paintings. I’m very proud of them!   This leaf project was a painting we worked on weekly adding layers and layers of leaves. The finished painting above was done by Cassandra, a grade four student and it turned out spectacular!

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