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Fall Session

During the 6 weeks we will be working on different aspects of drawing and painting.  The drawing skills will be simplistic, training their eyes to look at shapes, not necessarily the finished product. In the first week we started an Op Art project.  This lesson is a great way to talk about Line, Shape and Pattern. Op Art – A twentieth century art movement and style in which artists sought to create an impression of movement on the picture surface by means of optical illusion.  It is derived from and is also known as Optical Art and Perceptual Abstraction. It can be created in a number of ways but we started with one simple curved line and added 8 random dots, then curved lines connecting the dots.  Within these shapes the lesson is in shading.  We start coloring in the shape as lightly as possible, being careful to darken the outer edges of each shape and leave the middle the lightest.  The shapes then start give an optical illusion which builds excitement for the students.  A good lesson for shading as their drawing skills develop. The best part about the lesson is no two Op Art pieces look alike when they are finished.

Our next week we started an organic shaped project.  A simple silhouette of an animal was drawn onto watercolor paper.  Inside the silhouette organic shapes are drawn.  Inside these shapes, two colors are dropped into water filled shapes and the colors bleed together.  Lots of excitement from the students as the colors blend together.  Another technique for color blending inside any future painting.

photo (1) photo (2)

Our third week we created owls from air dry clay.  Pictures to follow.


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