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It`s a Plane…..

One of my grade 6 students, Marcel, loves fighter planes. Here is a Lockhheed Martin f-35 – Lightning II he painted on canvas for his grandfather.  Well done!


Tree of Life

What a great project and I`m not sure who had more fun!  All the students added their own flare as we experimented with color, adding swirls, dots and flowers.  Each painting is unique and they are all stunning.

Rundle Mountain

I wanted to share an art project we completed at Arts Day at Rundle College Elementary School.  6X6 inchTiles were given to each student with a rough sketch of the portion of the picture they were to paint.  Students followed at a color coded grid to help them paint their tile.  There were a couple tiles that needed some color changes, but all in all the outcome is outstanding!  165 tiles were used to complete this wall mural.


Lepin’ Lizards!

This week all my classes created colorful, chalk pastel lizards.  Instruction was given on drawing the shape of the lizard and the students decorated the body and background however they desired.  Great work!

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