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K – 3 students created these cute pictures in pointillism.  First drawing their picture and then filling in the colors with dots as close together without overlapping too much.


Tin Art

Both my Rundle and Tuscany Club kids completed these tin projects. Patterns were traced onto cut up tin oven liners. Then the patterns were embossed for the raised effect with a qtip or wooden dowel.  Some were painted with metallic paints and some preferred to leave them in the pure metal state.  They turned out beautiful!


Wooden Houses

The past long weekend was a rainy one, so I was able to spend some time in my art studio creating whimsical wooden houses and birdhouses made from 2 X 4’s.  Such fun!



Foil Fish


This week my K – 3 class from Tuscany Community Centre created foil fish.  They cut out a pattern of a fish, then wrapped it in foil.  Wooden tools with pointed ends were used to create patterns in the fish.  Once patterns were created the student’s colors them in with sharpie markers.  A string was attached on the back to hang up.

Box of Crayons

Thanks to an article by Cassie Stephens, art teacher extraordinaire, our grade 6 classes worked in groups of four to create these beautiful spilled crayons. Each student was given a sheet of black construction paper and laid out so they all touched and were masking taped in place. They each had a crayon pattern and amongst their group had to overlap and decide what colors the crayons would be where they shared with a fellow student. Once the patterns were agreed upon and traced with a white chalk pastel they chose two colors of chalk pastels in the same family of color to shade in the crayons.   The students loved the project and I loved the outcome. It’s a great project we will do again and again.



A fun project that changes depending on your viewing angle.  If you look straight on you are not sure what it is, but if you look from the left you see one picture and when you look from the right you see a different picture.


Spring Flowers

In this art lesson, students practised drawing different flower and leaf shapes.  Then we transferred our drawings onto watercolor paper either by freehand or using the window to retrace.  We went over all our lines and shapes with a black sharpie. The next step was to use a crayon to draw in any vanes in the flowers or leaves and ornamental decorations on our vases.  Once completed we water colored our flowers, vase and the table top.   For those students who worked a little faster, they also completed the background using two colors with lots of water and while still damp, salt was sprinkled on for texture.

flower pot 3


So proud of the finished pieces.




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