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Spatter Art

Students in Tuscany like to finish the year off with spatter paint on canvas. First masking tape was applied either with shapes or words. A favorite color was painted with acrylic on top of the masking tape. Then outside on the grass covered with tarps the spattering took place. The finished project is always awesome!


Fathers Day Rocks

Our last class of the season. After the rocks were painted we made Rice Krispie squares into paint brushes by adding a Popsicle stick and “painting” on coloured chocolate on to the ends of the brushes.

Painted Rocks

My students in Tuscany painted rocks for their dads for Father’s Day using acrylic paints.


Room with a View…..

Our French Cafe at school needed a window with a view, problem being, no window!  Teachers asked if there was anything I could do and I suggested we just paint one in.  So with the help of a photo from Paris I painted one in with acrylic paint. Wished I had of painted one in my windowless office a few years ago, however we are moving to a new school and I will have a beautiful view of the mountains.

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Students were instructed to draw two pictures that were associated to each other. Examples were a genie and a geni bottle.  Each picture was cut into one inch strips and then glued onto an accordion folded paper alternating between the two pictures. Once all glued a frame was cut to fit. If you look one direction you see one picture. When you look from the other direction you see the second picture. A bit of a challenge for some students but the finished project was pretty cool to see.

Sculpture -week two

The students decorated their sculptures with acrylic paint, some decorating them with patterns and some blended colors together. It was a very cool project with lots of interest from other staff and students not in the program.







Students painted the top of their paper with warm colors for the sunset and cool colors for the water.  Each student was given a piece of styrofoam to engrave a city scape with a wooden tool. Once complete the styrofoam was covered with black acrylic paint and while wet, stamped onto the water.  Glue was applied to the back of the styrofoam and glued into place on the sunset.  A lot of Calgary buildings can be recognized, especially the Calgary tower.

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