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Drawing Cats

This week we started with the 6-8 yr olds drawing a cat from the word, cat.  This was a little more difficult than the dog from last week, but regardless they did a great job.  Then with another step by step we drew a large calico cat.  Students could color and draw any patterns they wanted on their own cat.  The youth group started directly with the calico cat creating patterns and colors.  Here are a few creative designs. Can you tell which ones started from the word “cat”?


Drawing Dogs and Fall Leaves

It’s September and time to start up new Fall classes at Tuscany Club.  My Gr 1 – 3 class created dogs from the word dog.  That kids really had fun creating their personal pup.  Next we created fall trees by tracing the non dominant hand for the tree trunk and using finger prints for the leaves using warm colors.

The Grade 4 – 6 class drew Fall leaves and used zentangle designs for one half of the leave and watercolor in the other half using the salt technique to create some interesting texture.




Art Journaling for “Big Kids”

Tuscany Club now has art journaling for adults.  Each week we complete at least one page and sometimes move on to another.  We started with a blank sheet of labels. By adding a layer of paint, a layer of stencils and some doodles with gold markers we had some beautiful pages.  One at a time, randomly selected, they were added to our cover and backs of our journals leaving a sliver of black as a border around each label. Here are a few samples of the covers the ladies have done.  The pictures do not do them justice!

Fall classes start at Tuscany Club

Let’s get to know each other!  My kids class (6 – 8 yr olds) started with a folded card and their name printed on the cardstock in black sharpie.  Colored markers were set out and students outlined their names one color at a time filling in the one side of the tent card.  They turned out very colorful!

The Youth group (9-12 yr olds) wrote their names on the fold of card stock. The name was traced on the opposite side of the fold and creatures started to appear.  Students had some very creative ideas for their aliens.  Can you match the names to the alien?


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