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Painterly Touques

In Calgary, Alberta we experience cold winters so with this in mind we started to prepare by creating our personal touque.  With some guided instruction, using simple shapes the touques were drawn and outlined with sharpie.  Using a white crayon, patterns were drawn for decoration.  Once completed a light coat of watercolor was painted on top and the magic of the pattern appeared.  For the pom pom we used little squares of colored tissue paper, wrapping them around the eraser end of a pencil and gluing several on to make it nice and full.  Look at these creative touques!


Remembrance Day

I was looking for a new idea for Remembrance Day when I found this one done with coffee filters.  The outcome was so beautiful.

Bow Ties for Mr. Paxton

This week was an especially difficult one.  A teacher and dear friend passed away on Tuesday, November 1.  These students knew this teach and so I incorporated my activity into a bow tie, something Russell wore regularly.  My original plan was a square piece of black paper the students would draw and cut shapes out of showing the positive and negative together.  I changed the square to a bow tie, which caused a few issues with the curved edges, however the students managed to make them work just fine.  A tribute to our friend.  Rest in peace Mr. Paxton, though you are gone, you will never be forgotten.  Love and miss you.

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