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Christmas Creativity

Christmas cards were made with paper doilies, folded like a tree.  Embellishments were added with glitter glue.

Rundle students made wood panel gifts for parents.  The panels were painted black, spattered with white acrylic to create stars, and the words, “love you to the moon and back” were printed on watercolor paper along with a moon and glued onto the panel. My photos have disappeared….

Brown paper packages, (stamped with rubber stamps), tied up with string,….Yes I was singing the song as we  wrapped the gifts.



While walking around Ghost Lake one day I found all these pieces of driftwood and thought I could make something from these.  So  I gathered a handful and had my students create Santa’s .  My plan was just for the face but some of my creative students figured out how to do his whole body.  I want to do some for myself now!

Christmas Ornaments

A watercolor technique was used to create our ornaments by filling our drawing with water and dropping in two colors allowing them time to blend on their own.  On black paper we used oil pastels to draw our tree branches.  Ornaments were cut out and “hung” onto the tree branches painting a metallic silver or gold hanger. I love how they sparkle!

Christmas Lights

This was a fun project with chalk pastels on black paper.  Students had tracers or drew their own lightbulb and then we used that pattern to smudge the chalk making them glow!

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