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Cardinals are a great bird to draw and paint.  My K-3’s painted trees with branches for the cardinals to sit on.  After the paint was dry students glued  a red feather for the tail feathers.

The grade 4 – 6 students created trees using gift cards to scrape on the bark.  They chose the best ones to cut out and glue onto their art piece.  Cardinals were then drawn and painted onto branches.



Mixed Media Adult Class

Mixed media is a big hit with adults.  There are no expectations and no talent require, just come with an attitude to have fun.  The images below are on 12 X 12 squares with a layering process of collage, paint, mark making, stenciling, adding text paper, drizzle and drip.  Try it out one night, you just might surprise yourself.

The canvases below are the same procedure done on a 16 X 20 canvas.

Contact me at art4kidswithdebi@gmail.com for private classes or information on upcoming community classes.

Year of the Rooster

In honor of Chinese New Years, my Rundle students created Roosters collaged from paste paper we had made last year as well as text from old books and anything else they chose to use from our supplies.  They are so colorful and the kids had fun creating them.

Stained Glass Trees

This week at Tuscany  we are working on stained glass with chalk pastels. Students draw a tree to fill in the majority of the space on the art paper, then break the back into sections like a stained glass window. Once satisfied all pencil lines were outlined in black sharpie. Chalk was matched and placed on the color wheel for reference.  They were to use three cool colors, beside each other on the color wheel for the tree, three warm colors for the background and blend them with three different fingers. A bit messy, but the finished product was beautiful.

Here are the K-gr3 students masterpieces.

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