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Ted Harrison inspired INUKSHUKS

I love the colors Ted Harrison uses in his paintings and thought he could inspire my kids to create a painting including an Inukshuk.  The Inukshuk was to be the focal point of the piece.  The younger students drew black lines with black oil pastel, then painted in the sections with different colors of acrylic paint. The Inukshuks were from cut from black paper, and glued onto the background.

The older students drew the backgrounds in pencil where they would paint up to, but not past, the pencil line, creating white “rivers” in the background.  Once dry, Inukshuks were painted on top.  This gave me an opportunity to show how to shade the stones to give them more shape.




Valentines Day

K – Gr 3 created the cutest puppy dogs I had to share them all.  We started by stamping a cardboard heart shape with white acrylic paint onto a pink or red piece of construction paper.  While that dried, I did a step by step drawing of a puppy with heart shaped sunglasses onto art paper.  They were colored in with oil pastels, cut out and glued onto our dried background.  Thank you to Cassie Stephens for the great idea.

Gr 4 – 6 students created candy sweet hearts.  I think they did a great job too! My Rundle class made 3D Sweet Heart that look good enough to eat!

My Rundle class may 3D candy hearts that look good enough to eat!


K – gr 3 kids made paper roll penguins.  Those quick finishers drew simple shapes to create the penguins.  Once the drawings were complete the watercolor painting began. The background was filled in however the student chose.

The gr. 4 – 6 class started by gluing cut up shades of blue tissue paper to create and icy looking background.  While this was drying they drew and painted the penguin onto watercolor paper with acrylic paint. Shading was added to the bellies of the penguins to give them some shape.

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