…..and sometime "big kids" too!



Debi is a local Alberta artist who has been involved in arts and crafts from a very young age.  Always looking for new challenges and interests, she has taken several courses and studied with many artists developing her skills  in a variety of art forms that inspire her. For over twenty years Debi has taught classes to elementary students and adults through Schools, Continuing Education and Red Deer College.  Presently she teaches art classes at Rundle College Elementary School, Vin Gogh Paint & Sip, Tuscany Community Club and for house parties.    Through teaching classes, Debi hopes students, kids and adults, will develop her passion for art.



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  1. Alicia Hampshire said:

    Hi Debi,

    It is a great picture you have on your website. I hope this message finds you well. I met you at The Tuscany Club and admired the painting you did of your puppy and it reminded me of my Mom’s puppy and I wanted to get a picture across to you of Lily in hopes you may be inspired to commission one of her puppy. I was hoping I could send via text or fb as they are on my phone and I am not super savy to get it to you another way, but I will keep trying.
    My name is Alicia and I can be reached at 403-617-7784.

    I hope to hear from you today!!!


  2. Alicia Hampshire said:

    Hi Debi…..thanks for your reply. I sent it to the email address you noted off of my phone. I hope you receive it.

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